Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey’s destructive force has caused widespread flooding, destroyed buildings, disrupted critical urban infrastructure, and caused more than 30,000 people to flee their homes, many of whom were forced to leave their pets behind!

FEMA rescues dog

The Category 4 storm has been relentless, with South Texas still battling its record rainfall as the confused animals try to navigate the flooded streets. They are frightened, hungry and in danger of being forever separated from their owners.

The SPCA of Connecticut understands what is at stake for these pets.

Twelve of us are preparing to travel to Houston and the surrounding area with two – possibly three – truckloads of pet food and supplies. As a 100% no-kill organization, we plan to rescue up to 100 dogs and cats. Pets whose owners are unable to continue caring for them* will return with us back to CT so that we can find them suitable homes. *We are committed to accepting only owner surrendered pets as any strays should have the chance to be reunited with their beloved pet.

We are determined to make the trip, but we are in urgent need of donations to pay for the trucks, gas, food, lodging and all the other expenses involved in an animal rescue effort of this scale.

As a no-kill facility, the SPCA of Monroe, CT has saved the lives of thousands of helpless animals by tending to their medical needs and offering them a haven and foster care/adoption services. Unlike other organizations, we never euthanize healthy or treatable animals even if our facility is operating at over-capacity. Your support is critical! If you love animals as much as we do, please send us a donation as soon as possible! Our no-kill policy guarantees that they will have a chance to see their beloved owners again or be placed in a caring adoption home. They may have lost their homes, but they will not lose their lives!

Along with your donation, we ask you to forward our campaign to all your friends, family members and colleagues on your social media channels.


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