Other Ways To Help The SPCA

There are many other ways to help the SPCA of Connecticut.

Click on the links below for different ways to help with our costs and contribute to our cause of saving the lives of Dogs and Cats that would otherwise have no chance for survival.

Real Estate Gifts

Many real estate holdings have appreciated greatly in recent years and may be subject to capital gains taxes if sold.

Donation of real estate directly to SPCA of Connecticut or through the use of a charitable remainder trust often minimizes these taxes and generally provides an income tax deduction.

Gifts of Other Assets

Other assets-such as collectibles or personal property-are sometimes offered as donations to SPCA of Connecticut and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

A donation of such assets may not be eligible for advantageous treatment as a charitable deduction if they are unrelated to the charitable purposes of SPCA of Connecticut.

Estate Planning Gifts

It is very common for most of us to underestimate the value of our own assets. We don’t really believe that we have an “estate”.

However, if you own anything at all, you have an estate. This includes cash, real estate, personal property, investments, retirement funds, life insurance, and other forms of assets. Properly planning your estate ensures that your assets that you have accumulated over a lifetime are distributed according to your wishes.

Matching Gifts

More than a 1,000 corporations and organizations in the United States encourage philanthropic interest among their employees by offering a matching gifts program. Contact your company’s human resources department to determine if your employer matches gifts to the SPCA of Connecticut.

Typically, if a matching gifts program is available, you will need to complete a simple form and your employer will send us a check that will add to your own contribution, maybe even doubling or tripling your gift to us. This donation comes in addition to your own donation and has no additional cost to you. With the help of your own employer, you can ensure that your giving dollar is stretched to the maximum benefit of our shelter programs at the SPCA.

Workplace Gifts

The convenience of donating at the workplace has made payroll deduction programs a popular alternative for the contributor. The SPCA of Connecticut participates in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for federal employees and other workplace campaigns.

Please check with your Human Resources Department to see if the SPCA of Connecticut, Inc. is a designated charity or a donor option as part of your workplace contribution campaign.

Memorial Gifts

A memorial is a personal remembrance that honors the life of a loved one. For most of us, our loved ones include companion animals, friends, and relatives. Making a memorial donation in any amount to the SPCA of Connecticut is a thoughtful way to express sympathy for a loss, while sharing a deep concern for the animals.

A memorial can also honor special events such as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings, and other special occasions. The SPCA will send a letter to the address that you designate acknowledging your thoughtful donation. Unless you desire to make your gift anonymous, it will also be printed in our newsletter.

Stock Gifts

Donating a highly appreciated asset to the SPCA of Connecticut may allow you to avoid a significant portion of your tax liability while still receiving a charitable contribution deduction.

If you are currently holding long-term securities that have appreciated in value and decide to donate them to the SPCA, you are generally entitled to an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock, no matter what your original cost. Additional capital gains taxes that are due would be avoided.

Living Trusts

Generally, a will must go through a probate process that can often be expensive and time consuming.

By creating a revocable living trust you can avoid probate while naming the SPCA of Connecticut as a beneficiary of the trust, much as you would by making a bequest in a will.

Life Insurance Policies

The options for life insurance gifts to the SPCA of Connecticut are varied. Your existing policy, paid-up policy or new policy all can be used to make a gift of life insurance to support the SPCA’s mission.

The benefit of designating an existing policy is an immediate income tax deduction, while a new policy offers deductions for continuing annual premiums.

Designating the SPCA as beneficiary or successor beneficiary of a single, term, or group life insurance policy is also an option, although it offers less significant tax benefits. Retirement Funds: You can name the SPCA of Connecticut as the beneficiary of your IRA, 401K, 403B, pension, or other retirement funds. Many plans simply require filling out a simple form for naming or changing the name of a beneficiary.

Bequest Gifts

There are several ways to make a bequest to the SPCA of Connecticut:

A fixed amount of money or specific property (stocks, real estates, investments, etc.).

Suggested language for an outright gift – I give and bequeath to the SPCA of Connecticut, a non-profit corporation located in Monroe, Connecticut, the sum of ($_________) to be used for its general purposes (or for a specific purpose, if indicated).

A residual bequest, leaving all or a percentage of the entire remainder of your estate after all is settled. Suggested language for a residuary clause – All the rest (or a percentage), residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, I give, devise, and bequeath to the SPCA of Connecticut, a non-profit corporation located in Monroe, Connecticut to be used for its general purposes.

A contingent bequest, naming the SPCA as the recipient should another beneficiary not survive you. Suggested language for a contingent interest clause –

I give and bequeath to (name of the person) the sum of ($___________) in the event that he/she shall survive me. Should said (name of the person) predecease me, I give and bequeath said sum to the SPCA of Connecticut, a non-profit corporation located in Monroe, Connecticut to be used for its general purposes.

Gifts by Will

Having a will is a good idea for everyone. If you do not make decisions on how to dispose of your assets after you die, the “state” will decide for you. We encourage you to consult an attorney to discuss the benefits of establishing a will.

As you are making these plans, we ask that you consider making a provision to support the SPCA of Connecticut. Charitable gifts made by bequest are not taxed as part of your estate. The SPCA is proud of our many supporters who appreciate our work for the animals and have stretched their giving dollars even further by including the SPCA in their will. And perhaps most appealing is the idea that part of your legacy of helping and loving animals will live on for future generations.

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